Welcome to YOW

I know it is cheesy but I think some sort of introduction would be in order…

Who am I?
Joost ‘Yope’ Elfering

Where are you from?
Near the city of Leiden (somewhere between Amsterdam and The Hague) in the Netherlands.

What do I do?
Web developement, engineering, design, concepts, consultancy, some more design and some other stuff that has to do with the web.

Why do I do it?
I like it! It is a hobby turned into a profession. And I like to explore, invent and resolve the small puzzles of engineering.

Why this blog?
Actually… I need a platform to publish stuff. My open-source work, code, designs, papers, projects and other stuff that I do.

So, who will read this?
I have no clue! people that are interested will probably will do something with web, design and technology in general. Maybe some science but don’t expect anything fancy!

oke, it’s over with the fun! wanna know more? visite my LinkedIn!


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