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jQuery plugin: titleControl update 0.2

This week I made some updates to the titleControl jQuery plugin I release in Alpha last week. I bumped the version to 0.2 and declared it a valid beta.

updates made:

  • refactoring the basic code
  • changed licence to GNU GPL v3
  • updated project progress in the milestones on the plugin page
  • created SVN repo on google code
  • added test page to repo

Current version is 0.2.0-beta and I have no plan to do any direct update on it in the upcoming month unless anyone needs an update. If you require any updates you can request it on the jQuery plugin page.


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jQuery plugin: titleControl

Last week I found myself a UX problem that I wanted to solve in a centralized way. It was the controlling of the tittle attribute on links and buttons. A browser renders a small box on the placed on the location of the mouse pointer and renders the title attribute content inside of that box. Although this is a browser standard in my application I needed something better. I needed better control over positioning of the text-box and better control over appearance time and effect. A side-effect of this was that I also had control over the styling of that text-box.

My solution for the problem was a new lightweight jQuery plugin!

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