.openFoundry kickoff

This weekend the kickoff of the .openFoundry took place at the revelation space in the Hague. The .openFoundry was initiated by Bert Meerman to create a new foundation. The foundation would act as an open-source platform for projects. The projects can be anything that has to do with technology any the broadest sense of the word. Project run from a web-store for Linux packages all the way to a frame-less laser harp.

The idea is to work together on new ideas and technologies.


The day started off with a lunch at noon. after lunch the program started with the keynote (keynotes presentation in Dutch) given by Bert Meerman.


The keynotes were an initiation into the ideas behind .openFoundry. The plan is to create a “Development platform for innovative open-source projects”. Basically this comes down to creating a “social context to do coll stuff together”. The three foundations of .openFoundry development platform are social, innovation and collaboration.

What makes us different?

So what makes us really different from platforms like SourceForge or RubyForge?

  • We want to work socially and not on a long distance.
  • We want to have face to face meetings.

What makes us different from communities like Fedora, Debian Netherlands, Ruby Den Haag?

  • We do not limit ourselves to a specific technology or product.
  • We like to be a bridge between these technical communities.

And what about groups like Devnology and the MS DevDays?

  • We want to actively work on projects.
  • We want to connect with these groups to do reflections of our projects.

Who is .openFoundry intended for?

The foundation is intended for freelancers and professionals, but also for investors.

The freelancers and professionals will be coming together to work on projects and do all the innovations. The reason why freelancers and professionals would join the foundation is to innovate, learn new things and expand their networks. Doing work for project of the foundation is supposed to be educative and just fun! Anyone with an affiliation for technology would find this a good way to practice their hobby.

But what about the investors? We have seen that some investors find the urge to invest in open-source projects. This may be funding in the shape of an idea but also resources for projects and maybe even personal compensation for the work done on a project. The final shape is not defined yet, but we as a foundation do want to keep the door open to investors like it.


During the kickoff 5 projects were presented:

  • Ruby gem CBAC.
  • App store for Linux packages.
  • The .openFoundry website.
  • All Epost project.
  • Laserharp project.

After the project presentations the attendees were prepared before they would pick a project they wanted to join (picking a project presentation in Dutch).

What was asked from the attendees was:

  • To think about what they wanted to achieve in a project
  • To choose a project that would interest them.
  • To sync with other about the project.


Projects were picked, teams were formed and first meeting were planned. All together great fun but it had to lead somewhere.


(poster presentation)

The CBAC team already was filled with 4 people in a free team format. no new commitments were made.

Linux appstore

(poster presentation)

A small group of interested people was found but no commitments were made

.openFoundry website

(poster presentation)

The overall consensus was that this project had priority as other projects would need to depend on this one. The .openFoundry would be to core of organisation as it would provide the tools and the open community for the members and investors

A large group was formed under the Lead of Joost Elfering. The first meeting is organized next Thursday in Utrecht. If you would like to join but have not attended the meeting please send an email to joost.elfering[at]gmail.com.

All Epost

This is an investor project. The investors attended the kickoff and gave a presentation about the product. This sparked the interest in some of developers for this project. Details for progress are not enclosed yet.


(poster presentation)

The laserharp was presented as a prototype during the kickoff. This was a good model project for the others to look at. The weekly meetings are on Wednesday in Delft and currently has a small group working on it. project lead is Roeland van Ochten.

Currently the project will slow down a bit as other projects need more attention from the members.


Already up are some basic .openFoundry social pages for the community.

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