workshop: HTML5

Today I gave a workshop about HTML5 as a continuation of the talk about HTML5 & CCS 3.0 I gave in April at the year conference of OGD.

Today’s format was a workshop. The goal is to inform attendees about HTML5 technology and get them started with actually creating things in HTML5. The format allowed me to give a small talk and after that I gave the attendees an assignment they could work on.

The workshop was held on the 21st of July from 20:00 at OGD Utrecht. (this post is automatically posted just after the workshop started so the attendees could find the presentation).



  • The presentation was given in dutch to a dutch speaking audience. All original material is in dutch and is published under creative commons licence.
  • This post was automatically posted right after the talk to supply the attendants with the presentation resources. The Q & A section of the talk would also be placed in this blog post.

Q & A:

Q: When is IE9 being released and what part of CSS 3.0 will be supported?
A: IE9 is rumored to come out in the beginning of 2011, Although not confirmed. What will exactly be implemented is just guess work. Microsoft does not have a public road-map for all the features of CSS 3.0 and HTML 5.

Q: HTML 5 is not finished, right?
A: Yes, HTML 5 is currently a working draft. What you need to understand about this process is that it is all about consensus between the browser developers. In stead of waiting for the standard to be finished and then implementing them the browser developers took charge with implementation. features of the new standard are developed in a browser as well as committed as a proposal. Out of those proposals for a feature the new standard will be created.

So, it is not finished… BUT because the browser developers are leading in the creation of the new standard a lot of features are already implemented!

Q: Why do you still use div tags in you example website?
A: Currently Internet Explorer ignores the new HTML 5 tags. So if you would style them they would not render that style. The div’s are there to provide graceful fall-back for Internet Explorer.

Q: Are HTML 5 and CSS 3.0 specially adapted for mobile devices?
A: In a way yes! With the new tags the content gets more context. This can result in a mobile browser that can better handle with the limits of the mobile device. Things like input type ‘date’ has a major impact on how mobile devices can cope with that type of input.

Q: Is there a timeline for the implementation of webkit in Mozilla Firefox?
A: Currently there is no real timeline although some experiments are being done on the implementation of webkit in some of the later nightly builds of Firefox 4.x.

Q: What do you think is going to happen with the video tag.
A: The video tag itself is not really the issue of the video tag. The problems surround the encoding of the video. Currently a lot of video is encoded with the H.264 encoding, but it is not a completely free licensed codec. True open source organisations like Mozilla have problems shipping that codec with their browsers. There are other codec that can be used like ogg and the new VP8 in WebM. But all video will have to be converted to those formats before the users will not experience codec issues. There is no clear winner although with the release of WebM some thing began to move into a direction that might be a solution.

The video codec is a hot topic. Currently no real solution is there bug to provide a fall-back to another format or flash.


Only one of the participants wanted to post their result. (I do not

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