.openFoundry top-level concepts

For the .openFoundry organization we are trying to come up with a good model for the members to attach their projects to. Going from the idea of local groups of people coming together all the way to providing a resources, communication and organization platform. From initial ideas was in the spirit of just come together and have some fun with technology it has to grow into a statement that will the basis off all our top level activities.

How do you create such a statement? long talks, heated discussions, concessions and finally Consensus!

After a long talk with Roeland ten Ochten, Bert Meerman, Jeroen van Meeuwen and myself we came to the conclusion that we all had our own ideas in how we could achieve that. Higher goals were presented and defended by several of the individuals. From looking at how ergo-project is currently is organized to sociological goals we could have. We came up with one sensible statement that could provide us with clarity about our vision. For that I asked us the question:

How do we enable anyone to do anything for free/open-source projects?

We did not answer the questions like: What kind of project will we be running for our members? We asked questions like. How can we enable a member to paint a fence? Alone anyone could paint a fence. But their would be not a lot of feedback and it is hard to have fun on your own without it becoming a chore. What we could do is provide a way to like a couple of people that want to paint a fence. This allows for a social gathering, the bouncing of idea on how to paint the fence and could provide all the extra pleasures of painting a fence together. So enabling people to work together on their level can enable them to do things they want to do in open-source.

Problems we talked about were questions about local versus global? Global can seem big and scary for a new member with not a lot of experience. Local is easier accessible and you will meet people in your area that have the same interest. This can enable people to do things together. Once you want to know more and do more in that field you would need a way to learn things from outside of your direct environment. This will ask of the individual to act on a more global level then before. This might not be the whole world. It would also be less direct local but more surrounding areas. This enables the member to grow on a personal level as well as learning new things and meeting new people.

The question has not been answered yet… but we made a step in the right direction.

Do you have the answer!?


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