projectlodge meeting January 2011

The 29th of January there was a half-yearly meeting for the projectlodge (formally known as openfoundry). This was the second projectlodge meeting. The first meeting had kickoff as theme, this one had founding as theme. We worked for half a year on projects and brought ideas together about the organisation that supports those projects. During the meeting proposals were pitched, current state was presented  and decisions were made.

projectlodge status

During it’s current 6 months of existence the projectlodge has undergone some changes. Some small and some large.


The most visible change is the one in the name. We started out as openfoundry and we are currently called projectlodge. Due to domain and organisation name clashes with the organisation we needed to pick a new name. The new name was the result of several brainstorm sessions and an elimination process.


Infrastructure has become more part of the projectlodge as a service. Currently the infrastructure is being rebuild on servers that will be placed at the All ePost office in Rotterdam. The mailing lists are back online at Also the and the All ePost websites have been migrated. If you want to get in touch with infrastructure you can send an email to infra-service [at]

board members

During the past few months Bert Meerman (current president) has discovered that running the organisation on his own was not working out. The late notice on the half year meeting and the low communication on organisational progress were both a result of this situation. Currently Roeland van Ochten will be helping out and they will form the first part of the projectlodge board. currently the board can be reached at board-memo [at] There is still a position on the board available a treasurer. Interested? Send Bert and Roeland an email in the mailing list.


Currently the manifesto is still in the works. There have been talks about the manifesto but currently it is not ready yet to be presented. The general direction the manifesto is aiming for is the enabling of the individual to contribute to projects to induce individual growth. This is because there is the belief that with more people you can do more interesting things and you can learn from one another.

formation of the association (vereniging) projectlodge

We have declared to be a informal association (Dutch: vereiging). This means:

  • We declare ourselves to be an association. non official will be enough for now
  • We will need to work on the statutes for the association
  • We need to appoint three board member functions within the organisation. president, secretary and treasurer.
    • Bert Meerman will act as president of the association.
    • Roeland van Ochten has been appointed as secretary for the association.
    • The treasurer can be joined with one of the two other roles but it is preferred to have a third person on the board. This person is currently not yet found.
  • People can join the association currently as member without a membership fee.

What we intend to do in the upcoming half year is to make a proper proposition for a registered association that has legal power in the Netherlands. This means:

  • The organisation will be formally formed with the use of a legal agent and will therefore be a valid legal entity.
  • The members will be obliged to pay a membership fee. This also requires a budget plan from the board and the money is intended for meetings infrastructure and other organisational needs.
  • Any plans the board has after that point will need to go through the members who have voting rights.

NOTE: please not that association members and association contributors are the same in almost all areas. The difference is that members need to pay a membership fee and can therefore vote on association decisions as budget and other association matters. The contributor does not pay a membership fee and therefore has no voting rights the but still has complete freedom to work, decide and grow within the projects, just like members do.

All ePost status

All ePost presented their current status on the project. They have been working on several fronts and had several break troughs on how they are going to proceed. Progress has been made in how the central application is build using webkit. Also progress has been made on scraping techniques used to gather information from other locations.

Currently the product has released it’s second version “Blauwborst”. The first version “Alk” was released 3 months ago and the planning is that in 3 months the version “Casarca” can be released. To achieve this the team currently working on the product is looking for assistance in several areas. Functional design, graphical design, bloggers, conceptualists and developers are all welcome to join the team.

the presentation is uploaded.

laserharp status

The laserharp is the longest running project and presented a improved working model from last year. A better chip was used, the technique to detect a hit was changed and the lenses were integrated this meeting. Organisational the team has also learned from its mistakes. Doing one night a week or a night in two weeks was not working because the startup time for a meeting took to long. To improve this the team switched to full day meetings every 3 weeks. Drawback of this was that if a meeting was missed due to any reason knowledge would be lost due to the large amount of time between meetings.

railcoach status

The railcoach project was presented using a prezi presentation to look back at what happened, what the goals were, what the current status is and what direction the project is heading for. The project was started as the openfoundry website. From this start point gaps in the organisation were found. As the projectlodge was non-existent at that time infrastructure was arranged and the naming issue was solved for the then called openfoundry.

Technologies were chosen and the basic organisation was setup to hold 2 week sprints with weekly meetings. As many of the developers were new to the chosen technology or even to developing websites completely a learning track was started for the whole group. In the mean time some developers made a temporary static version of the website.

After a few months the team figured that meetings could be done better. So 2 week sprint became month sprints and weekly meetings became weekly gatherings and monthly projectdays. With this the project will try to get more work done and get better results. The project is still looking for more developers and designers to work with these new technologies. Want to know more? keep an eye on railcoach-memo [at] for more infor and meeting time.

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