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my way part 1: from hobby to job

Turning your hobby into a job sound like music to peoples ears. I had the opportunity to take that chance and get to work in an industry I considered to be my hobby. Not many get that chance and I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I like most.

I think Corey Haines made one of the best remaks about this; “Get paid to do things you enjoy”, “We have the greatest job in the world. Except maybe fighter pilots”.

Turning the hobby into a job sounds easier then it is. Look at how much work musicians and other artists need to put into their work before they can taste the fruits of their labor. And remember that not all artists make good money, but they are happy with what they are doing!

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my way part 0: intro

I’ve been a web-designer/developer for a couple of years now. I have a 9 to 5 job and I do freelance work on the side. Not so different!? Well, I became conscious about why I worked and what I like to do fairly early on. In high-school I already figured out that I like design and I liked to invent things. I had “the nack” as Dilbert was told by the doctor. There are many routes to take but I found my way into the industry that is called the web, and I found it during the best time to join in!

I developed my own way of working and looking at work over the last couple of years. I’ve seen similar thing popping up as we are changing the way we work. I have been wanting to write this for about a year now as I get so many questions about how I manage to do it, different problems that may occur and the different perspective I have. So, I’m writing it down so everybody can read the basics before they start asking questions.

In the upcoming weeks I would like to touch a couple of subjects when it comes to how I work and why I do things in a certain way.

I will publish a new section every week on Monday. So stay tuned for more as I will update this post with the links to the other posts.

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using javascript plugins in larger systems

Most web developers do not code all the JavaScript they use themselves. Framewoks like Dojo, jQuery and Prototype are a nice example of that. As a developer it is also interesting in many situations to use plugins to make things like image rotators and cover flows. No sense in doing all that work yourself.

There are actually a couple of things you need to look out for when using plugins. It is not as trivial as: “plug it in & turn me on“.

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