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The euruko 2012 report

In the first day’s of June I went back to Amsterdam because one of my friends was one of the organizers of the 2012 European Ruby conference. Euruko is one of those pleasantly strange conferences that we have in the Ruby community. Single track, stunning location and interesting speakers make for a good conference spread over two days and some nights.

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working plus or minus

There is an interesting wave of less work, more life mentality change going on in the technology business. This is not new and it has been happening in waves if you look across the borders of the one business paradigm. Research has been done and experiences are shared. Henry Ford was one of the first to publish a big research about the subject and the measure was set at an optimum of 40 hours a week. Is that so? I know people who need more space and want to work less to be more productive. Others are completely the opposite, work hard for a couple of months and take a full month off to do other things. Some are even doing work just for fun.

Some people swear that working long and inconsistent hours gives them more freedom to think about things. Not restricted by the 9 to 5 hours and allowing themselves to continue in a flow when they are in it. Others find that time at home and quiet time really helps them prepare for a productive day. Others try to mix the two. But is it time that ultimately helps us the be more productive, or is it something else?

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