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Startups, Y U No Focus?

As I’ve been doing start-ups for a while now I’ve been getting more and more into the business that makes a start-ups succeed or fail. Over the years one thing does strike me over and over again. Some mistakes are made over and over again. I have found many times that problems can come from an imbalance between searching for solutions and making sure you keep your eye on the prize.


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#Hashtags #are #dead, #long #live #hashtags

Hashtag fingersI have been known to #rant in the past about the abuse #hashTags in the past. But I’m actually a fan of them, I’m a fan of the idea as it ties into the connected web as a concept. A hash tag not nothing more then an anchor to another are on the web that talks about the same subject. Connecting one piece of information to another by a simple ‘#’ symbol in front of the most important words in an article.

But recently has tags have been #abused, battered and misused. I do like how #JustinTimberlake and #JimmyFallon make fun of the abuse and turn it to their own funky tune. A good reason to write a blog about it.

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