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startups, beyond the hype

First let me start that this is one of my pet peeves and not meant in any way to offend anyone or specifically point to any one person, organization or company.

With that out of the way… Why the F*** does everyone think they are doing a startup nowadays?

Startups are all the rage at the moment. On the world markets the headlines are mostly about startups going public and new emerging companies taking control of markets. They even pop up in regular news now and then when new apps or new concepts are released. It’s all about Silicon Valley in San Francisco, CA, USA. So much even that in London there is a roundabout nicknamed the Silicon Roundabout. On top of that HBO started this year with a new series called “Silicon Valley” that follows a startup.

But why am I so pissed of about it? I’m gonna be complete goth/emo/hipster about it and just say it. Making it popular killed it!

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