name: Joost ‘Yope’ Elfering
nickname: yopefonic
nationality: Netherlands
profession: Web – designer/developer
specialty: Open technology, conceptualization, architecture, user interfaces, design, realization and general development process. In short getting an idea all the way to a ready to deploy product.
portfolio: joost.elfering.d-its.net

A Long “short” story:
I grew up in a small town near Leiden (between Amsterdam and The Hague) where I lived between the flower bulbs, just behind the dunes, not far from the sea. I started with computers at a young age. My first contact with a computer was of course, games! I played them at first but after a while I wanted to do more with it. I changed games so they would be easier to beat or had more things I could do. Changing the games also got me into computer art, starting with MS paint and getting more and more out of computer painting. Both of these things had my interest, but what was at the core was an inventors drive. I knew very early I wanted to invent new things, computers became my medium.

In high school I followed courses in natural science and arts. This also moved me more into arts and design next to being a computer geek. High school also gave me a taste for the inventing and creation of new things. After high school I started my IT Bachelor at the Hogeschool Leiden. Somewhere in between I got distracted about new ventures and new idea. I started working for Joost Technologies for a while. After Joost Technologies kinda crashed I got back to my Bachelor to finish it. Joost Technologies really allowed me to grow as an engineer and a person. During my bachelor I grew towards a more technical interest. After my bachelor I have tried to enhance my knowledge by following the Media Technology master program at the Leiden university. I quit the program after the first semester because the program did not seem to fit my personal needs as a student.

So I was done with my education. What to do next? Well I had myself an offer for a position as a web developer at OGD in no-time. I did an internship for them when I graduated for my bachelor. I was working on a social intranet application for them. I used my combined skill as front-end and back-end developer together with my design skills on that project. They really like me getting back on that project, So I worked for about a year on their project. After that year I did what I had to do so I was finished with the project. I found a new venture at Serials Solutions in Amsterdam and worked there to develop the team, maintain the old product called Aquabrowser and worked on getting a new offering up and running. I worked at the new offering for a year before it was decided not to continue work on this effort. It was a logical step for me to leave the company as this was my main reason for joining.

Currently I’m looking for a new challenge, a new project I can give my all. Next to that I do freelance work in small projects.

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