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French-Press-Coffee-MakerLast week I was presented with an interesting challenge. I’ve been looking around a bit for companies and I would like to work for. Talking to a recruiter who had no idea how to slim down his list of clients he just passed me the list. The list contained a little over 250 company name. A lot for me to read through!

As a developer I tend to be picky in the companies I would be interested in and even more picky in the ones I will talk to. So I knew that out of those 250 company names by definition at least 50% were useless to me, and probably even 75%. I tend not to be the type of person that will only say yes to A, B and C. I’m more of a person that will say I’m not going to go for D, E and F. For me personally it comes down to this;

  1. I’m not doing agencies, I already have my own.
  2. I will not work for corporations working on a product that has been out for decades.
  3. I prefer start-ups but will also consider any other start-up type of construction. (Note my definition of start-up is very narrow compared to the sense that it’s being used today!)
  4. I look for projects that try and make a dent in the world. Things that try to disrupt or try and add a new dimension to society.

So because I’m a developer I made some code for that!

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Hacking anything

Hacking… What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the work hacking? Well, most of you will probably think about getting illegal access to a secured system. I’m not talking about that kind of hacking!

Hacking is the beautiful art of using something in a way it was not intended by the creator of it. A great example are SMS text messages for mobile phones. These were originally developed to as a way for mobile operators to send service messages to there clients. Then somebody found out how to use it so send messages to somebody else. This was not intended by the creators of SMS. But it did become the main use for the that particular service!

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