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The glocal universal media library

We have IMDB, we have, we have Wikipedia and thousands of other database websites with information about media items. Currently we search for information on books, music and video via search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Searching through website that hold all the information is done very well. But the raw results are not always satisfying enough.

Are we looking for a website like when we are looking to buy an album? I know Google’s shopping filter would be an option for that. But what about lyrics, videos, publishers, local shops and all other kind of data one could be interested in. provides a lot of data but with an agenda. Not always ambiguous, focused on music alone and not very singular.

Libraries do have this kind of structure and ambiguity. What they are missing most of the time is completeness of data and the simple fact that it is only data from one library. Can we create a more universal database focused on providing single records of data that contain everything one would ever want to know about it?

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