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my way part 4: personal development

In an ever changing world… they one that is standing still is the one moving backwards.

Many people go to school, college and then university. After they are done they start to work, learn about the trade and keep on doing that until their ready for pension. The modern world is moving at such a pace that 10 years from now we are required different skills to be able to function within a work environment. The tools of the trade are changing and so are the idea behind them. Technology does play a big part in this. But what about you?

“It takes only one person to change your life…you”
Ruth Casey

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my way part 0: intro

I’ve been a web-designer/developer for a couple of years now. I have a 9 to 5 job and I do freelance work on the side. Not so different!? Well, I became conscious about why I worked and what I like to do fairly early on. In high-school I already figured out that I like design and I liked to invent things. I had “the nack” as Dilbert was told by the doctor. There are many routes to take but I found my way into the industry that is called the web, and I found it during the best time to join in!

I developed my own way of working and looking at work over the last couple of years. I’ve seen similar thing popping up as we are changing the way we work. I have been wanting to write this for about a year now as I get so many questions about how I manage to do it, different problems that may occur and the different perspective I have. So, I’m writing it down so everybody can read the basics before they start asking questions.

In the upcoming weeks I would like to touch a couple of subjects when it comes to how I work and why I do things in a certain way.

I will publish a new section every week on Monday. So stay tuned for more as I will update this post with the links to the other posts.

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Talk: Software Craftsmanship

Today I held my second OGD Developer Night talk in Utrecht. Sitting a bunch of developers together and talking geek about software development. Today I talked about the software craftsmanship movement. I was inspired by Corey Haines and his talk at Ruby and Rails 2010 in Amsterdam but I also did some digging of my own. At the end of the talk I invited all the attendees to join in for a small code randori.

Presentation was done in prezi and can be found on the prezi presentation page. Please note that it is my first so not really the best use of this new tech yet… Practice makes perfect! 😉

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workshop: HTML5

Today I gave a workshop about HTML5 as a continuation of the talk about HTML5 & CCS 3.0 I gave in April at the year conference of OGD.

Today’s format was a workshop. The goal is to inform attendees about HTML5 technology and get them started with actually creating things in HTML5. The format allowed me to give a small talk and after that I gave the attendees an assignment they could work on.

The workshop was held on the 21st of July from 20:00 at OGD Utrecht. (this post is automatically posted just after the workshop started so the attendees could find the presentation).

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peer certification

This week I had an interesting conversation with kanarip about certification. Certified professionals have value to companies as they have guaranteed knowledge about a certain field. The professional has taken exams that are given out by institutes that are trusted by the companies. Mostly these institutes are connected strongly to the field, like Sun does for Java and Cisco does for networking. But how do we know that a certificate obtained by a professional is really valid.

The exams are mostly written ones and there is no real personal review of the actual skill level of a professional. Review is only done with on the spot knowledge and generally about a the field at that moment in time. Computer languages like Java, Ruby, HTML and other change over time. So do the written certificates really represent the knowledge of a professional?

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Finding a new path

There is a time for constance and time for change. I have found myself in a place where I needed change. The past few years I’ve been working on and off and finished my bachelor (after some extra time spent doing other things then school). After my bachelor I carried on into a master that I was convinced suited me perfectly. I was right… a little too right!

After 8 years in the Dutch higher educational system I’ve had enough! I needed a change from being caught in between study and work.

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