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my way part 3: freelancing

Freelancing can be a dream and nightmare at the same time. Working as your own boss can be liberating. It can also bring extra stress as you are the only one to blame. On the other hand you can choose to work without wearing pants…

Whatever your thrill is that you are freelancing you are a special breed. If takes special skills to be able to deal with life as a freelancer. You must have discipline to do work without someone pushing you. Knowing something about legal, taxes and other business related fields is also very useful. But how do you run a successful freelancing business?

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my way part 0: intro

I’ve been a web-designer/developer for a couple of years now. I have a 9 to 5 job and I do freelance work on the side. Not so different!? Well, I became conscious about why I worked and what I like to do fairly early on. In high-school I already figured out that I like design and I liked to invent things. I had “the nack” as Dilbert was told by the doctor. There are many routes to take but I found my way into the industry that is called the web, and I found it during the best time to join in!

I developed my own way of working and looking at work over the last couple of years. I’ve seen similar thing popping up as we are changing the way we work. I have been wanting to write this for about a year now as I get so many questions about how I manage to do it, different problems that may occur and the different perspective I have. So, I’m writing it down so everybody can read the basics before they start asking questions.

In the upcoming weeks I would like to touch a couple of subjects when it comes to how I work and why I do things in a certain way.

I will publish a new section every week on Monday. So stay tuned for more as I will update this post with the links to the other posts.

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