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Sass revisited

About half a year ago I talked about how you could use sass do create stylesheets dynamically with different color. I was asked to go further into detail on how to do this. I’ll also illuminate on some of the thing I learned since last time and how I incorporated the new insights.

I have also done a lot of discovering on how to make css more efficient with sass. I have also needed to do some alternative work with colors to have it working for me. Going through an existing css code base there are a lot of issues with optimization of your code. These issues are not new and are quite common in css but sass can solve these common issues.

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Dynamic coloring with Sass

When building a web-application you’ll need to do some sort of styling to get it looking a kind of decent. To enhance your web app you would probably like to do some more advanced styling with lots of css, images and other stuff… But what if you needed a styling system that dynamically changes the colors of your style?

I’ve designed and implemented an application that uses Sass to created dynamically colored styling for such a system!

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