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my way part 0: intro

I’ve been a web-designer/developer for a couple of years now. I have a 9 to 5 job and I do freelance work on the side. Not so different!? Well, I became conscious about why I worked and what I like to do fairly early on. In high-school I already figured out that I like design and I liked to invent things. I had “the nack” as Dilbert was told by the doctor. There are many routes to take but I found my way into the industry that is called the web, and I found it during the best time to join in!

I developed my own way of working and looking at work over the last couple of years. I’ve seen similar thing popping up as we are changing the way we work. I have been wanting to write this for about a year now as I get so many questions about how I manage to do it, different problems that may occur and the different perspective I have. So, I’m writing it down so everybody can read the basics before they start asking questions.

In the upcoming weeks I would like to touch a couple of subjects when it comes to how I work and why I do things in a certain way.

I will publish a new section every week on Monday. So stay tuned for more as I will update this post with the links to the other posts.

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.openFoundry kickoff

This weekend the kickoff of the .openFoundry took place at the revelation space in the Hague. The .openFoundry was initiated by Bert Meerman to create a new foundation. The foundation would act as an open-source platform for projects. The projects can be anything that has to do with technology any the broadest sense of the word. Project run from a web-store for Linux packages all the way to a frame-less laser harp.

The idea is to work together on new ideas and technologies.

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A beginners guide to kissing

Have you ever used a device or app where you had the idea you were pOw3nd before you touched it? Well your not the only one!

Interaction designers have come up with a lot of stuff that actually does not make sense at all. Making the interface beautiful and all interactive, working with new visual effects and trying to suck in the user to use their program every day because it has so many cool features. Well… those designers deserve a kiss, a Keep It Simple Stupid kind of kiss. Interaction design should not concentrate on creating features, but on narrowing down features so that the essentials of the device or app are clear and well defined.

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Welcome to YOW

I know it is cheesy but I think some sort of introduction would be in order…

Who am I?
Joost ‘Yope’ Elfering

Where are you from?
Near the city of Leiden (somewhere between Amsterdam and The Hague) in the Netherlands.

What do I do?
Web developement, engineering, design, concepts, consultancy, some more design and some other stuff that has to do with the web.

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