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using javascript plugins in larger systems

Most web developers do not code all the JavaScript they use themselves. Framewoks like Dojo, jQuery and Prototype are a nice example of that. As a developer it is also interesting in many situations to use plugins to make things like image rotators and cover flows. No sense in doing all that work yourself.

There are actually a couple of things you need to look out for when using plugins. It is not as trivial as: “plug it in & turn me on“.

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railsconf2011: JavaScript the newest first class citizen

This is actually from a combined set of sessions. One of the larger problems in Rails has always been how to deal with JavaScript in a proper way. There are the .js.erb files but they are not really a proper solution to the problem.

In many ways Rails has always treated JavaScript as a second class citizen. As it wasn’t a real programming language… This while in the current state of the web standards is embracing JavaScript more and more. Rails is not running far behind actually. From Rails 3.1 CoffeeScript and Sass are both introduced as first class citizens to the Rails community with the introduction of the asset pipeline. But is it really becoming that first class citizen?

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Web-designing upside down

In a regular web-design process a design is created with some sort of graphics tool. After that is finished a web-developer or web front-end developer will take those designs and implement them into a HTML, CSS and Javascript interpretation of that design. This process has been working for years and have been generating great results. But, like in any design process ideas can get lost in translation. Design decision can not always be made in time to look into the limits of the technology.

So, for the past few months I have been working backwards! How is that working out? Actually really well!

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workshop: HTML5

Today I gave a workshop about HTML5 as a continuation of the talk about HTML5 & CCS 3.0 I gave in April at the year conference of OGD.

Today’s format was a workshop. The goal is to inform attendees about HTML5 technology and get them started with actually creating things in HTML5. The format allowed me to give a small talk and after that I gave the attendees an assignment they could work on.

The workshop was held on the 21st of July from 20:00 at OGD Utrecht. (this post is automatically posted just after the workshop started so the attendees could find the presentation).

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jQuery plugin: tagEditor

This month I’ve been working on an existing jQuery plugin called tagEditor. It is a plugin that turns an ordinary text input field into a dynamic tag tokenizer. The idea is that it can be used as a tag input or edit form control. It interacts a lot like the tag editor used here in WordPress or other popular tools that use tags. Tags are separated by a separator (most commonly an enter or ,) and then transformed into a list where the tag can be removed by clicking on it. It is usable together with an auto-complete (the jQuery UI auto-complete works well) to create the perfect user experience.

Together with the plugin’s original creator Karl-Johan Sjögren version 1.4 has been developed and released. More details can be found on the jQuery plugin page and on the demo page by Karl-Johan.

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