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Fences of the village, Switzerland

I find myself two and a half months now in the overly beautify country of Switzerland. The food is good, air is clean and the views are absolutely stunning. With a month of experience now I also got to know the people a bit more. What makes a Swiss national so… Swiss?

What I found mostly is that the Swiss are struggling with their real identity. About 27% of the population is from foreign heritage and in the part where I live it even goes as high as 40%. So determining an average with such a large proportion mixed in heritage can be really difficult. I have however found some things that are really Swiss in origin and can be found in every layer of life here in Switzerland.

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Flipped doors and the hotel lifestyle, Lausanne

Mountains over the Rolex learning centerSo, I’m moving to Lausanne, Switzerland. The company called Smallrivers offered me an interesting job as a web developer for I will be working and living in Lausanne where the office is situated on the campus of the EPFL. I’m spending my first weeks in Lausanne in a hotel to find a place, get in sync with my co-workers and getting everything else ready to make the move. I had a two week travel bag including my camera and a laptop. So, what’s up?

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