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talk: HTML 5.0 & CSS 3.0

Friday April 2nd I gave a short talk about HTML 5.0 and CSS 3.0 during the yearly conference of OGD. In this talk I gave a short introduction into the new standards of HTML 5.0 and CSS 3.0. This talk was given for the developers at OGD.

I gave a short look into the history of the two standards, what there core principles are and how they could be used. The talk was intended to spark the interest of the attending developers and initiate them to learn more about the new standard.

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Hacking anything

Hacking… What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the work hacking? Well, most of you will probably think about getting illegal access to a secured system. I’m not talking about that kind of hacking!

Hacking is the beautiful art of using something in a way it was not intended by the creator of it. A great example are SMS text messages for mobile phones. These were originally developed to as a way for mobile operators to send service messages to there clients. Then somebody found out how to use it so send messages to somebody else. This was not intended by the creators of SMS. But it did become the main use for the that particular service!

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Fosdem 2010: the aftermath

One campus, 2 days + some nights, about 250 sessions and +5000 geeks. The European meet-up for the open-source people!

What was my part? Following sessions, supporting in one session and talking a lot to all the people I know and don’t know within the community.

What I took away from it? 4 t-shirts, 5 buttons, loads of stickers, new knowledge/information, new ideas and lots of new cont(r)acts.

The short story is: arrive Friday around 5pm, get to the Renaissance Brussels hotel, get something to eat before going to Delirium, finding people to talk/drink with, get to bed, wake up and get myself to campus, follow some sessions, support on the CBAC session, get myself to the joostians (former Joost Technologies employees) dinner, have some drinks with the joostians, get to bed, wake up and check out of the hotel, get myself to campus and plant myself in the back of the mozilla room, follow some other sessions afterwards!? and get my ass back on the train home.

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