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my way part 5: time management

Okay… I do a lot… I mean a LOT! Next to a 40 hours a week job I do freelancing work, I do some voluntary work, I do some sports, I find the time to work on personal projects and responsibilities and I have a surprisingly busy social agenda. WTF… my week must consist of at least 200 hours!?

Well that is not the case… Working efficiently, planning and taking that little bit extra time to look ahead makes all the difference. An up to date agenda is a start… but what about those double bookings and those things that tend to slip in unintentionally. How can I deal with on the fly social events?

Everybody always says to me: “you don’t have time, you make it”. I do not agree with this at all. I would rather say: “There is only so much time, better use it well”.

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