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cheating yourself out of a technical problem

We all want to create the best technical solution, making sure it flows naturally and that it looks good. But there is always time and budget pressures that do not allow you to create that perfect piece of software that you want. It is always a struggle between quality, time and money that shape the resulting product.

Interestingly there are always ways to cheat yourself out of an issue to fix it later. The solution might be not technically the best but it can work for 90% of the time and when it fails you can make it matter less. Cheating the client out of the best solution might make them happier than delivering a perfect product.

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Why failing IS an option

This might sound really strange…. but failing does not necessarily mean that you have a problem!

As some of you are aware, creating flawless software is a difficult and long process. Mistakes are common and your users will undoubtedly have some sort of bad experience somewhere along the way. No software is perfect! So if it is unavoidable, what do you need to do about it!? Well, preparation is key!

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Prototype: GeoTweets

4 bottles of coke, 3 days and a lot of mashed code. That is how much it took for me to roll out the first prototype of GeoTweets. GeoTweets is an web-based application to show Tweets about a location on a map. Using the Google maps API v3 as a map and gathering the tweets with the Twitter search API allows the application to show tweets on a location about that location.

The concept for this prototype was created for the course Multi-media systems at Leyden University (Netherlands). The initial concept was to show what location on the world most tweets were about. Due to technical limitations this evolved into an application that lets user click to find out what is happening on a location. The locations are saved together with the activity ratio, this is then displayed on the map as active active and recent locations.

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