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So, you’re testing… But what?

In the software development community automated test have been there more and more. I myself started coding in PHP without a single test and just ran the app like QA would have done to see if it worked. Over the past decade this has really changed for me. I’ve lived through a flux where everything needed to be tested through and through to only integration tests. Currently I think we all agree that automated tests are something that is kind of a requirement when talking about serious software development. Note; “serious” I’m not talking about hacks and one of experiments.

So now the question becomes; When are we too obsessive with our test? Or, when are we just not covering the code enough?

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Should a guardfile be part of your repo?

So you have a Ruby project and you practice TDD. Now to not make it too hard on yourself to run your test suite every single step of the way your using guard to speed up your process. Good for you and it should make testing as fun as it could be.

Now as I’ve been moving from project to project I’ve seen different practices when it comes to using guard. Some good, some bad but all beneficial for different reasons. What I did find if most projects is that the Guardfile is shared by putting it in the repository of the project. Now I’m wondering, is that a good practice?

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