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designing an app vs creating a design framework

roundel-original-c1925So when it comes to designing an app the first thing most designers think if creating a user flow and then just filling in the screens one by one. Although looking at flow is of course the first thing any designer should do the filling in of the blanks much too often happens in the present state of the app. Why present state? Because that’s what is being build right now and design has always struggled with the slower and changing pace of development of an app vs design. Many designs right now are create in one go. If things are missing there are issues, if things are added there are issues.

But there is a way for design to work with and in sync with development. A way where design is a tool, like code, for the direction the app is going in.

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Prototype: GeoTweets

4 bottles of coke, 3 days and a lot of mashed code. That is how much it took for me to roll out the first prototype of GeoTweets. GeoTweets is an web-based application to show Tweets about a location on a map. Using the Google maps API v3 as a map and gathering the tweets with the Twitter search API allows the application to show tweets on a location about that location.

The concept for this prototype was created for the course Multi-media systems at Leyden University (Netherlands). The initial concept was to show what location on the world most tweets were about. Due to technical limitations this evolved into an application that lets user click to find out what is happening on a location. The locations are saved together with the activity ratio, this is then displayed on the map as active active and recent locations.

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